2nd BrainFit4Life Workshop

BrainFit4Life Workshop Series

Prioritizing Brain Health in Switzerland

Thank you for everyone who joined on 6th May 2021 !

Watch the recorded talk here :

BrainFit4Life is thrilled to host the second round table discussion on the topic of national data registry and brain banking. The existing expertise in basic and clinical neurosciences, along with the unique public-health system and IT infrastructure in Switzerland provides a solid backbone for the creation of a federated framework allowing for reusing diagnostic data for research under full privacy protection.

We will discuss:

  1. Existing and future solutions for a nation-wide brain health registry
  2. The potential of such framework as a supporting tool for accurate diagnosis
  3. The benefit of data-driven personalized medicine engine for patients

Artwork from Dr. Rahika Patnala, Founder of Sci-Illustrate and Ambassador of BrainFit4Life.


Ulrich Wagner

Moderated by:

Prof. Bogdan Draganski

BF4L Organizing Comittee:

Dr. Lavinia Alberi Auber

Dr. Irene Meier ( BF4L Organizing Comittee )

Innosuisse NTV Program

This is the second dynamic panel discussion!

Q&A for the audience at the end.

Looking forward to everyones’ contribution.