1st BrainFit4Life Workshop

BrainFit4Life Workshop Series

Health Care & Insurance Policies in the Landscape of Brain Aging

Thank you for everyone who joined on 27th January 2021 !

Watch the recorded talk here :

BrainFit4Life is thrilled to host the first round table discussion on the enticing topic of Health Care Policies and insurance: Understanding the perplexing landscape to improve brain health associated to aging and neurological disorders.

We will discuss:

  1. The Gap between research/medicine/patients and the healthcare market
  2. The triangulation of electronic dataflow among patients, medical institutions & health insurance
  3. The benefit of informed clinical monitoring  for healthy aging


Nicolas Loeillot (Groupe Mutuel)
Evangelos Avramakis (SwissRe)
Jan von Overbeck (Offlimits)
Anna Borthwick (Brain health Scotland)
Neil Fullerton (Brain health Scotland)

Moderated by:

Dr. Irene Meier
BF4L Organizing Comittee

BF4L Organizing Comittee:

Dr. Lavinia Alberi Auber

Prof. Bogdan Draganski (Lausanne University Hospital)

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