BrainFit4Life Websymposium


Implementation of Technology Globally for Brain Health

Recorded Talks

Thank you for everyone who joined on Novembre 2021 ! Watch the recorded talks here or on Youtube !

Introduction – Lavinia Alberi Auber (SICHH)

Session I: Insights into the Origin
Chair: Lavinia Alberi (SICHH, UNIFR)

How cognitive reserve affects healthy cognitive aging : Matthias Kliegel & Andreas Ihle (University of Geneva)

Cognitive Reserve and the Bilingual Mind : Jean-Marie Annoni (University of Fribourg)

Genetic variants in brain health and neurodegeneration : Edward Fox (Stanford University)

Identification of patients at highest risk for Alzheimer’s disease from a simple saliva sample : Richard Pither (Genoscore)

Decreased salivary lactoferrin levels in Alzheimer’s disease :  Eva Carro (University of Madrid)

Panel Discussion : moderated by Nikki Schultek (Intracell Research Group) with M. Kleigel, JM. Annoni, E.Fox and R.Pither

Session II : Technologies of the present
Chair: Lavinia Alberi (SICHH, UNIFR)

Nutrition for brain health – towards policy impact : Aniko Koroski (University of Amsterdam)

OGA inhibitors to target Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease : Dirk Beher (Asceneuron)

Large-scale behavioral change without awareness : Lucas Spierer (Neuria)

Panel Discussion : Moderated by E. Brai
(University of Piedmont) with A. Koroski, L. Spierer, W.
Taube, . J. Popp and . D. Beher

Physical exercise and brain health : Wolfganag Tuabe

Role of inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease : Physical exercise and brain health

Session III: Leap into the Future
Chair: Lavinia Alberi (SICHH, UNIFR)

The intersection of neuroscience and virtual reality: Victoria Brugada-Ramentol (VirtuaLeap)

Panel Discussion :  I.Meier (Chione) with V.Brugada-Ramentol (VirtuaLeap), D.P Marcos (Mindmaze) and C.K. Sheehy (C.Light Technologies)

Adoption of Home-Based Healthcare Technology: Lessons Learned From The Field: Daniel Perez Marcos (Mindmaze)

Fixational eye motion as a biomarker for neurological health: Christy Sheehy (C.Light Technologies)

Closing remarks by Bogdan Draganski, Irene Meier, Lavinia Alberi Auber


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