1st BrainFit4life Symposium

Recorded Talks

Thank you for everyone who joined October 2020! Watch the recorded talks here or on Youtube !
Introduction – Jean Francois Demonet (CHUV)

Session I: eHealth from clinical data collection & registry to population-wide initiatives in clinical neuroscience
Chair: Bogdan Draganski (CHUV, Lausanne)

Deep generative modeling of neurology: P.arashkev Nachev (UCL)

Population-based data to facilitate health promotion, prevention and clinical diagnosis related to brain health: Murielle Bochud (Unisanté, Lausanne)

Large-scale studies in the aging general population: Bogdan Draganski (CHUV, Lausanne)

A public health approach to dementia: Emiliano Albanese (USI/UGE, Lugano)

Plenary Lecture: The Great Demographic Reversal: How Much Can Early Steps To Prevent Dementia Help?: Manoj Pradhan (Talking Heads Macro, London)

Panel Discussion moderated by Jean Marie Annoni (UNIFR, HFR, Fribourg) with P. Nachev – M. Bochud – B.Draganski

Session II: Digital diagnostics as PoC for clinician and patients use
Chair: Irene Meier

The plateau of productivity: where are wearables?: Samuel Erwing (Biofourmis, Zürich)

Sounds of Healthy Aging: Assessing Everyday Cognitive Activity From Real-Life Audio Data: Burcu Demiray (UZH, Zürich)

Panel discussion moderated by Nicolas Loeillot (Groupe Mutuel) with S. Erwing -B.Demiray

Session III: Scaling Multiomics for tailored Brain Health
Chair: Lavinia Alberi (SICHH, UNIFR)

Multimodal Modeling of Brain Health: knowing what we don´t know: Colin Birkenbihl and Martin Hofmann-Apitius, (Frauenhofer Institute, Germany)

Sex and gender differences in Alzheimer’s – the gateway to precision medicine Maria Teresa Ferretti (Women’s Brain Project)

PET-Imaging of Alzheimer’s Disease- the Value for Diagnosis, Prevention and Future Therapy: Anton Gietl (IREM, UZH, Zürich)

Plenary Lecture: Advancing Research Through Public Policy: A Case Study from the United States: Matthew Baumgart (Alzheimer’s Impact Movement)

Panel discussion moderated by Gerhard Tischler (Biogen, Baar) with M.T. Ferretti – A. Gietl – C. Birkenbihl

Closing remarks by organizing committee BrainFit4Life – Jean François Demonet and Lavinia Alberi


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