What is BrainFit4Life?

We are a task force composed of stakeholders from Academia, Industry, and Private and Public organizations dedicated to improving Brain Health. As a moral obligation to the patients affected by dementia and their families, we demand an increase in research spending and are committed to improve the public awareness with the aim of decreasing the burden of this devastating condition. We are all volunteers and non-funded, at this time. By joining our task force, as an individual or institution, you adhere to our mission by respecting the ethics of fair collaboration and the values of transparency and reciprocal respect.

As a task force we have put together an information leaflet and white paper document to outline the issues surrounding dementia in Switzerland and our aims. These can be downloaded below:


Donations can be made through the University of Fribourg Foundation.

Your donations will be used for science communication efforts and dissemination through awareness campaigns and seminar/symposia events.

Thank you for your donations!

We are located at SICHH and affiliated with the University of Fribourg