Call for Young Advocates

  • Description of the initiative

BrainFit4Life is a task force aiming to increase awareness towards brain health and the fight against dementia, promoting more investment to boost research on this enormous worldwide burden. We are currently looking for young advocates to help us in the dissemination of our program at the national and international level.

  • Why we need young advocates

Young advocates joining this initiative make our voice stronger and more impactful in reaching the core of funding institutions and convincing them that a preventive campaign is at present the best treatment we can adopt since a cure is not available yet. Promoting a healthy lifestyle may delay or prevent many dementia cases.

  • Who you are?

You are a young specialist who loves brain science and/or is dedicated to caregiving and patient/family support. Your ambition is to contribute to the future development of therapeutic solutions for dementia and you are invested in dedicating time to spread the word about brain health using digital media and P2P encounters. You are resilient, attentive, respectful about others and a great team player.

  • What do you gain by joining this task force?

You become part of a growing initiative where you can make the difference in democratizing brain health towards the fight against dementia through science communication activities. You will be involved in organizing periodic meetings where you can share your work, further promoting scientific exchange and fostering new collaborations.

  • Your opinion matters

BrainFit4Life is a dynamic organization where you can propose ideas to expand the boundaries of the initiative, involving more people and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Do you think that a preventive strategy can decrease unhealthy brain aging?

If yes, you are in the right place!! Together we can shape the future as scientists and advocates and be helpful to the society by informing people that even small steps towards a healthy lifestyle can make a big long-term difference in our lives

Young Advocates Team

Young Advocate Leader
Dr. Ferath Kherif (LREN)

Young Advocate Leader
Dr. Emanuele Brai

Sherry Yujing Cai

Sales and Business Development Manager


Dr. Alessandro Tonacci

Researcher Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


Dr. Tunahan Kirabali

Postdoctoral Researcher in Neuroscience (UZH)


Dr. Lucia Billeci

Researcher(CNR-IFC) National Research Council Institute of Clinical Physiology


Victòria Brugada Ramentol

Neuroscientist (Virtuleap) & GABBA PhD candidate


Federica D’Andrea

University of West London PhD candidate


Dr.Vivian R. Steiger

Data Scientist (Helsana Insurance)