BrainFit4Life AIMS

The design of a tailored brain health program

More and more data are emerging relating to modifiable risk factors that contribute to the likelihood of developing dementia and the age at which clinical symptoms develop. Some of the risk factors fall under the umbrella of a healthy lifestyle and are in the minds of the general public as also being risk factors for other diseases. Therefore, a structured prevention program is necessary to ensure that everything possible is done to aid the population in reducing all possible risks. Fitting hearing aids in those diagnosed with hearing loss, for example, has been shown to be associated with a reduced incidence of dementia. In Switzerland, the high healthcare standards represent a solid foundation to implement a federal preventive dementia strategy under the umbrella of the first global randomized control trial called worldwide FINGERS. Besides the positioning of Switzerland in this global trial program, Swiss citizens will profit substantially from the multi-domain intervention with exercise, diet, cognitive and social stimulation and management of vascular/metabolic risk factors benefiting cognition in subjects at risk of dementia.